Our Business Concept

Customized design fronts at reasonable prices.”

Our challenge

To offer our customers the choice to design their fronts themselves according to a variety of possibilities. We try to create customer-unique homes according to your premises. We listen and we adapt to our customers.

Fronts by Sweden is a gathering place for fine carpentry with a focus on the design of fronts. We offer a range of modern and classic fronts in over 2000 different lacquered colors.

We offer everything from exclusive and modern decorative fronts in Gold, Copper or classically lacquered fronts with a focus on manufacturing kitchen doors adapted to IKEA frames Faktum, Metod, Pax ,.

If you do not have an IKEA kitchen, we will solve it by making new custom-made doors for your home.

At Fronts By Sweden, you can basically have your own dimensions met on furniture and furnishings, everything from extra high wardrobes or why not extra wide or narrow kitchen fronts to custom kitchen frames for a modern or classic kitchen. We paint in over 2000 NCS colors and can offer everything from carpeted wardrobe doors to high-gloss kitchen doors.

Manufacturing and self-inspection takes place mainly in Sweden but also comes from other parts of Europe.

Fronts by Sweden

Part of a Scandinavian company group.

Name: Selective Fronts by Sweden

Org nr: 559048-1692

Contact: info@frontsbysweden.com